Talking Union: The UCWVA Podcast

Talking Union is a podcast produced by United Campus Workers of Virginia. Our organizing model is all about challenging the idea that different workers at the university ought to remain separate, and instead coming together to build power for all workers. This podcast aims to demonstrate the principle of “wall-to-wall” organizing in practice by platforming the diverse voices that make up our organization. It’s also a way of reconstructing the norms of our workplace, and doing so intentionally, with our collective aims bringing us together instead of keeping us apart. So, on this show, you’ll hear workers from different universities, and from different parts of those universities. There’s no interviewer, and no host. Instead, you’ll hear two people in conversation, talking about their experiences in their own words. Unions are their members, and our goal is to make ourselves heard.


Episode 1: Parenting During the Pandemic

Episode 2: Organizing While Trans

Episode 3: Wall-to-Wall at VCU

Episode 4: Wall-to-Wall at UVA

Episode 5: How to Start a Union

Episode 6: The Story of Local 550

If you have an idea for an episode, would like to get involved or simply want to share your feedback with us, you can do so by emailing us at
Talking Union is written, recorded and produced by Piers Gelly with production assistance from Stephen Marrone. Original artwork, audiograms and editing notes are by Erin Jordan. Final cutting, mixing and Editing is done by Emily Gadek. Our Logo was adapted by Erin Jordan from the original design by Emily Robinson at Black Gum Print Shop.