Hospital Employees Begin to Unionize

United Campus Workers of Virginia is sending a Workplace Fairness Survey out to every UVA Health employee. Workers at the hospital should check their work email in the coming weeks as UCWVA sends out the survey (link to survey here).

Hospital workers cite top down approaches to management, inadequate staffing and subpar wages as reasons for seeking to organize hospital workers. One hospital worker says, “I don’t know anyone who works at the hospital who hasn’t been asked to do more with less. We get these unsafe assignments from management, and there’s no real way to push back. We need a way to push back, we need a legal entity which is gonna look out for us. That’s why I joined the union and why I am asking my health system colleagues to join me in UCWVA.” This comes as the hospital employees’ first major attempt to grow their numbers in the union since going public in August. Federal and state law protects UVA hospital workers’ rights to join the union. 

The survey will be confidential, and include information on how to join the union. 

For Media: For more information and interview requests, please contact UCWVA-UVA at

About UCWVA-UVA: United Campus Workers of Virginia is a union open to all public college and university employees in the Commonwealth of Virginia, including graduate students, undergraduate student workers, medical workers, faculty, and staff. UCWVA-UVA’s #ActFastUVA campaign, launched on August 24th, calls on UVA to abandon in-person classes, use its extensive financial resources to ensure the health and financial stability of UVA workers and students, and adopt demands from anti-racist and Covid-related campaigns at UVA and in Charlottesville. UCWVA can be reached via email at, or on Twitter and Facebook. Further info can be found at

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