Logo for United Campus Workers of Virginia, circled with a red band that also says Communications Workers of America Local 2265. In the center is a fighting cardinal.

Union siblings,

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since our last election! In that time United Campus Workers of Virginia has grown to nearly 800 members, saw representation at our first in-person CWA convention, and added a brand-new chapter at Virginia Tech. In order for us to get on the standard election cycle with CWA, we will be holding our next Executive Board election this Fall for three-year terms. Nominations begin in September with the election being held in December.

Our Local Elections Committee is working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for this upcoming election. Virginia Tech members have taken leading roles on the LEC and with the public launch of their chapter a week ago, they’ve been keeping busy! Be on the lookout for important election communications from them in the coming days.

A fair and democratic elections process is the hallmark of our union and I am proud of the work the LEC does to ensure that process is professional and clear to each and every member. Our elections process is outlined in our by-laws, which you can find at this link with the password “whenwefightwewin”.

If you have any questions about the election or would like to get involved with the LEC, please email LEC Chair Darryl Campbell at union-elections@ucw-cwa.org

In solidarity,

Jake Krug
Local Secretary