Education is a Human Right

Protect In-State Tuition for All Virginia Residents

The pursuit of knowledge is a fundamental right all humans share. In 2021, Senator Jennifer Boysko and Delegate Alfonso Lopez led the passage of legislation (SB1387/HB2123) that honors this by ensuring young people who are residents of Virginia receive in-state tuition rates regardless of their citizenship status. Earlier this week, Republican State Senator Bryce Reeves stoked division by announcing his plans to repeal the legislation and posing his own kids’ educational opportunities against those of other Virginians.

Senator Reeves’ kids deserve access to affordable, high quality, higher education. So do all young people, regardless of citizenship status. Senator Reeves and his colleagues have the power to ensure this opportunity is available to all. 

Virginia is one of the wealthiest states in the country. With fair tax policy and full funding, our public universities could implement better staffing, lower tuition, and higher acceptance rates for ALL students. 

The United Campus Workers of Virginia strongly condemn Senator Bryce Reeves’ callous and divisive attempts to restrict students educational opportunities and urge all Virginians to oppose his efforts to repeal SB1387/HB2123.

Education is a human right.

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