#CutTheChecks: Statement on Next Steps

Charlottesville – We are proud to share that as a result of us taking collective action, some graduate student workers who were not paid earlier this month have started to get their payments today! 

We are encouraged that UVA administration has started to move on this. However, there are still grad workers who have yet to receive their payments, and further concrete steps that need to be taken.  

Given that this is not the first time UVA’s executive administration has failed to pay grad workers on time, we demand systemic changes to ensure this will not happen again. Therefore, we will be showing up first thing at 10am on Monday, January 2nd, at UVA’s Student Financial Services office. We have emailed the relevant Provosts and President Jim Ryan that we expect them to send a special representative to meet us who is prepared to:

A) Listen to the way graduate student workers have been affected by the delayed payments; 

B) Tell us what concrete steps are being taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again, and; 

C) Ensure there is a simple process for grad workers to access additional funds to cover penalties and late payments they’ve accrued due to missing income. This process should not be overly time consuming or prohibitive in any way. 

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