University of Virginia

United Campus Workers of Virginia at UVA is building worker power for all employees at the University of Virginia.

UCWVA-UVA launched its #ActFastUVA Campaign in August 2020 in response to a lack of response and transparency from UVA administration on the year’s three main crises: the pandemic, the financial crisis, and racial injustice. #ActFastUVA is a three-pronged petition which demands that UVA use its enormous financial means to Fight Austerity, Assure Safety, and build Solidarity Together.

UCWVA-UVA membership is open to all UVA workers – including staff, medical workers, graduate students, faculty, and undergraduate student workers – except for high-level administration and law enforcement. UCWVA-UVA is especially focused on organizing and responding to the concerns of hospital workers, library staff, and other UVA staff who face PPE shortages, lack of hazard pay, and the threat of furloughs and layoffs despite carrying so much of the burden of labor to keep UVA running during the pandemic.

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