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United Campus Workers of Virginia at UVA is building worker power for all employees at the University of Virginia.

UCWVA-UVA started by launching its #ActFastUVA petition in August 2020 in response to a lack of urgency and transparency from UVA administration on the year’s three main crises: the pandemic, the financial crisis, and racial injustice. #ActFastUVA was a three-pronged petition which demanded that UVA use its enormous financial means to Fight Austerity, Assure Safety, and build Solidarity Together. Soon, members began to organize in their home departments, winning raises and better working conditions for Teaching Assistants. In the last days of 2021, when graduate workers realized many people had not gotten their final stipend payments of the year, they banded together across the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to demand what they were owed, won an immediate meeting with Provost Baucom, and won immediate payments. Other successful campaigns include the reversals of several unjust decisions handed down by executive admin, like the reinstatement of a committee chair to a dissertation committee and the removal of a policy that would have barred some international graduate students from holding UVA jobs, leaving them with no source of income whatsoever. 

Since President Ryan, Police Chief Longo, and Provost Baucom brought violence to UVA on May 4, 2024 by calling state police in riot gear to crack down on a small, peaceful anti-genocide protest, UVA chapter members have been involved in supporting those arrested and organizing for their amnesty. What’s at stake is not only justice for our 27 faculty, staff, students, and Charlottesville community members, but also our collective dignity and self-determination on campus, as well as the advancing conversion of universities into institutions that serve corporate interests and run like corporations. The crackdown at UVA was only one in a pattern of identical violence across the Commonwealth, urged on by Governor Youngkin — and the crackdowns themselves are part of the pattern of his efforts to control curricula, dissolve self-governance, and appoint members to the Board of Visitors who will carry out his vision of a university that treats students like customers rather than teaching them critical thinking. Together, UVA workers can reject this vision and instead win a university where we determine the conditions of our work.

UCWVA-UVA membership is open to all UVA workers – including staff, medical workers, graduate students, faculty, and undergraduate student workers – except for those job categories whose paycheck depends on them reinforcing structural control: high-level administration, HR, and law enforcement. Join UCWVA by clicking the ‘Learn More’ button below and organize your coworkers to gain democratic control of your own workplace!

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