Jessica Anderson (D)

House District 71 (Williamsburg)

  1. Do you support legislation granting all public sector workers in Virginia the right to collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions?


  1. How will you work with union representatives to pass legislation granting public sector workers the right to collectively bargain?

I believe that all workers should be able to collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. Once elected as the next Delegate in the 71st District, I’ll work closely with union representatives to understand their priorities and how we might ensure that we pass this critical legislation in the House of Delegates.

  1. UCW-VA believes that quality, public education that is fully funded and universal pre-K are priorities. How will you fight for these investments in public education?


  1. How will you fight for quality, fully funded public education and universal pre-K?

Quality, public education that is fully funded back to pre-recession levels and universal pre-K are priorities of mine. For years, Virginia has not invested in our children or public schools. I’m ready to fight for the funding we desperately need for our children and the future of our Commonwealth by forming coalitions in the General Assembly and partnering with advocacy groups who are aligned with the goal of investing in public education.

  1. Do you support raising the minimum wage to at least $20/hour for all workers, including public sector employees?


  1. How will you work to raise the minimum wage to at least $20/hour for all workers in Virginia, including public sector employees?

I believe that living wages with benefits are critical for all workers and I’m committed to ensuring we raise the standard of living for our public sector employees. Former Governor Ralph Northam signed legislation into law that provided for incremental hourly wage increases that currently sit at $12/hour. However, the minimum wage of $15/hour won’t take effect until 2026 and must be approved by legislators. Higher costs of living and inflation make $15/hour a hard wage to live on for any worker. I will work with lawmakers to fight for $20/hour for all Virginians.

  1. How will you ensure public input and citizen governance in matters related to tuition and housing increases in Virginia’s colleges and universities?

The State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) gives Virginia’s colleges and universities greater operational autonomy provided that they meet certain performance measures and goals. To my knowledge, public input is not requested for matters related to proposed tuition or housing increases. With rising costs and the college dream becoming unaffordable for so many, I would like to see citizen governing boards that are able to make cost recommendations and have a greater influence on whether or not increases are necessary each year.

  1. As a candidate, what personal experiences or perspectives inform your commitment to public education and the rights of education workers?

As a part-time front office receptionist at an elementary school in my district, I’ve seen firsthand the inner workings of public education. Our teachers and support staff work hard to provide the best education to our students in a safe learning environment. I will always stand up for their rights as I work to strengthen our public education system.

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