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Fight Austerity

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Austerity, the idea that we must cut spending and save every cent in order to keep UVA afloat, is absurd. The flagship university of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with ample assets and ways to fund losses in revenue, is essentially too big to fail. Why must workers face furloughs, benefit suspensions, pay cuts, or unemployment when these are just drops in a gigantic financial bucket? When we are the ones facing eviction, incredible medical debt, and the stress of working during a pandemic, shouldn’t we be supported by the wealthy institution that claims to care for us? Shouldn’t we have a say in how decisions affect us, rather than officials who make hundreds of thousands of dollars? To this end, we add and join the calls to…

   a) Use the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) to enact a firing freeze (nobody should lose their job during such precarious times) and end the hiring freeze (now is the time to support and invest in workers in our community)
   b) Use the SIF to suspend and prevent all budget-saving measures that harm workers, such as furloughs and benefit suspensions (UVA can afford to keep supporting its workers)
   c)  Open the books. Immediately release liquidity and cash flow models, and make financial decisions transparent and democratic (workers deserve to know how and where UVA spends its money, as well as complete transparency in how the pandemic affects the University’s bottom line. Workers must have a voice in how their departments cut and spend their funds.)
   d)  Enact a tuition freeze (we support all students and believe that further raising the tuition during a pandemic and a recession is an undue burden on them and their households.)
   e)  Compensate undergraduates for loss of on-campus pay due to the delayed in-person re-opening (undergraduate workers should be paid regardless of UVA’s decisions)