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Assure Safety

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If thousands of students return to grounds to fulfill a haphazard and irresponsible hybrid vision of Fall 2020 instruction, workers will face an extraordinary situation in which they must not only continue to perform their jobs well, but perform them under the pressure of subjecting themselves or their loved ones to illness or death. UCWVA rejects the University's tactic of blaming individual students for so-called “reckless” behavior. We locate the blame squarely on a University administration which has put its own profitability above creating safe living, learning, and working conditions for all. Black students and workers at the University in particular have been confronted with extraordinary police violence and an administration which has prioritized task forces over concrete, redistributive policies. While we know that it is ultimately “we” who keep us safe, UVA must use its institutional powers to further protect its workers and community. Should in-person instruction and on-grounds residency continue, we join calls for the University to...

a)       Provide hazard pay for all workers who must work in-person (a risk of injury/illness necessitates an increase in compensation for the value of their labor)

b)      Provide free, accessible, and timely COVID-19 testing for all workers (to protect themselves and others)

c)       Expand healthcare benefits by reducing premiums, enhancing coverage, and lowering deductibles (nobody should fear seeking treatment and care due to financial barriers)

d)       Provide protections and more virtual options for disabled workers, those with a higher risk of COVID-19 infection, and those caring for high risk individuals (no worker should risk their or their loved one’s life at the service of UVA)

e)      Enforce whistleblower protections for all workers (workers should feel safe and be protected from retaliation when reporting working conditions that violate established COVID-19 safety standards)

f)      Take proactive steps and utilize the full force of UVA’s legal resources to protect international and undocumented workers from further legislative and/or executive attacks (all workers are valued and must be defended, regardless of their country of origin or citizenship status)

g) Written contracts for TAs (Without contracts, TAs are kept subject to ad-hoc department rules without a clear understanding of their rights and duties, normalizing overwork and disruptive last-minute reassignments.

h)        Defund and dismantle the University Police Department (UPD threatens the safety of students and workers across grounds. We need investment in other means that enhance the health and welfare of our community.)