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United Campus Workers of Virginia is a union organizing to empower all public college and university workers in the Commonwealth

All means all: anyone who receives a public college or university paycheck in Virginia - staff, faculty, medical workers, graduate and undergraduate student workers - can join, with the exception of high-level administration and law enforcement.

What is a union?

The union is you. You and your coworkers using your collective power to make your workplace and communities (because they're always connected) better, safer, and happier. University administrations derive their power from their bank accounts and connections, but workers are always the majority: that's where your power comes from. Many people ask what a union can accomplish in Virginia, and the answer is: anything that you and your coworkers are willing to unify, organize, and fight for! No university administration can resist the power of an organized, united, and committed majority, of a coalition of care and solidarity across lines of class, race, gender, age, employment category, ability, sexual orientation, religion, and citizenship status.

For meeting minutes, zines and campaign materials, and other resources, see the drop down "Resources" menu above